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it alerted him to the severity of it. rice grabbed a flashlight and ran out. when he saw the crumpled car, he dialed 911. >> the damage to the passenger side was traumatic. he was in the back seat of the car. paramedics arrived and rescue workers had to free two men trapped inside the mazda protege. >> they discovered three who were injured. one man, william strair, jr. was taken to the hospital war he was pronounced deceased. two others were taken to shock
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trauma. >> reporter: at this point investigators don't know what caused the truck to cross the center line but jim rice said accidents like this one have become more frequent as fill fell road has become a busy -- philadelphia road has become a busy commuter artery. >> people have to be aware of the danger. they recently put rumble strips in to slow people down so they don't run into school buses. >> according to court records, strair lived on fill -- strayer lived on philadelphia road. jeff hager, abc2 news. that crash in keeningsville was not the first crash in baltimore county last night. 26-year-old eric faceno was
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driving the jeep when trying to turn on to york road. he hit a curb and crashed into a signal. an update to the breaking news we first brought you last night at 11:00. the woman who was struck by a pickup on ritchie park has died. she was crossing just outside of the crosswalk. they believe pedestrian error is the primary cause. they're also looking into the possibility that tinted windows may have affected the driver. >> an infant, a child and an adult were hurt. the fire started in a bedroom on montford street. they were all take ton area hospitals. now to the latest developments in that freight
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train crash in texas that killed 4 and injured 17. >> a train slamed into a parade float carrying veterans. >> reporter: one day after a trane crash killed four and wounded 17 others. >> the same feeling i had on 9/11. >> a fleet got let by a train here thursday afternoon the float carrying two dozen wounded servicemen and their spouses to an honor rather ri banquet was crossing this track when a trane plowed into it. they had escorted the first float around successfully when they turned around. >> i made a quick u turn. the first person will was lawrence. >> reporter: lawrence was killed
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as he pushed his wife off the float to save her. joshua michael, a purple hart recipient did the same, sack cry fies -- sacrificing his live to save hers. >> a video camera. there are also event recorders that would record things like speed, braking, horns, et cetera. >> reporter: they are now praying for the family. >> it's hard because we're here to honor them and they're heroes. >> reporter: there are conflicting reports whether the gates at the railroad crossing was down. dash cam taken behind the float may give them some answers. brandy history, los angeles. >> two people are missing and
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four others are burned after a fire started with an explosion. the reg was not producing oil and nothing leaked into the gulf. we continue to see skies clearing out. now skies clearing out noisily across the free state. we'll look for temperatures to keep dropping. another chilly scenario late tonight. temperatures in the mid-40s. overnight 45 at 7:00 and dropping into the 30s. cold scenario. some sunshine by first thing tomorrow morning and it will be brings took start the day. much more on how the entire weekend shapes up straight ahead. a teacher and a coach from broad neck has been taken out of the high school for what the school calls a student safety matter. >> there's a substitute teacher handling her classes at the
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moment a letter went home saying that thorn had been reassigned. school officials would not go into the allegation, saying they are following the rules already in place. >> we looked at the allegations, made the decisions in the best interest of the students and protect the rights to the employees. so we have reassigned the teacher and basketball coach involved, same person that the person has -- person. that person has been reassigned. >> although school officials are investigating, county police are not involved at the moment. >> some parents at carroll county schools are upset about a plan to install hand scanners. their hand prints are connected to an account. parents can put money on the account. the district said it's about convenience. >> we were able to look at this new technology that allows a few
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scans to bring up a child's account versus a card or pin number. cards can get lost. pin numbers can get forgotten. >> rote now it's available in handful of schools and parents are concerned about privacy. right now less than 15% of parents opt out of the plan. the howard county board of education is apologizing for having a seg gated school system 50 years ago. it was issued in a proclamation in a meeting last night. it said the school had failed to desegregate for nearly a decade after the case had ended separate but equal segregation if schools. it seems like kind of a strange time for free toe lay to come out with a new version of
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cracker jacks, baked with caffeine. they're calling it cracker jacked. the high energy popcorn will only be marketed to adults. we want to know what you this. head to our website, and soundoff. is frito-lay taking the caffeine craze too far. more than 18,000 people are out of work right now. >> and a snack staple is no more. hostess, the make are of treats like twinkies, ding dongs is leck question dating. that means the loss of 18,500 jobs. employees were sent home today and their operations have stopped. products on the store
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shelves and in the outlet stores will be sold until they run out. that have folks buying up twinkies in bulk and selling them on e bay. we fond some on e bay and amazon. until this move, a box of hostess twinkies only cost $3.35. hitting puberty is a frightening time for parents and children. >> why girls who mature earlier may be at risk for health conditions. >> former cia director david petraeus heads to capitol hill to talk about what happened in libya. >> it's beautiful here. we'll talk a lot more about it.
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in tonight's health alerkts it's -- alert, it's something every girl has to deal with. girls who enter puberty early could have health risks early on. those who start before age 12 are 23% more likely to suffer from heart disease than adults and 30% more likely to die from heart attack or stroke. the study has been going on since 194 with researchers tracking a large number of women,er that children and grandchildren. >> we've been telling you about the danger from small magnets. a survey shows more than 200 children and teens still swallowed them over the past year. half of the cases, the kids were six years old or younger.
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in 80% some form of surgery was need. the first thing parents can do is to move magnets on the fridge ot of reach of kids. >> either borrow a toddler and follow them or get on your hands and knees yourself and go through the house and figure out from a kid's perspective what looks tempting. >> when it comes to teens, they swallow them while using them as a tongue ring. remind them it's not the best idea. >> take a look outside. getting dark, chilly too, very little cloud cover. a little bit of cloud cover on the eastern shore. 49 degrees on our way quickly, eventually into the 30s. an interesting day it watch as the clouds clear the sky. we're left with beautiful blue.
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our view from baltimore, roland park, a sunny one. a little bit of fall foliage left. we have footage out of parkville. you see the morning clouds dissipating. i think it's going to be a sunnier scenario, should ab decent warm up. a beautiful, beautiful day there, still some nice fall foliage in spots. it has in the changed, still projecting the kickoff at 33 degrees as the ravens go in to get job done. i think weather will not ab factor other than the fact we'll get chilly in the second half. statewide we're fairly chilly, upper 40s and light north wind bringing in the cool canadian air. setup wise we have seen clearing. we had a few showers early this
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morning, lower eastern shore down into southern maryland toward calvert county, charles county, a little bit of rain. now that's a done deal. we'll still look for a coastal system to ride along the carolina coast. looks like all of the unsettled weather will stay out, maybe a couple along the charleston area. looks like we'll stay nice and clear and a flat temperature pattern, no big chill and also no big warmup has temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s. we'll and up in the low 40s. big high pressure bubble to the west. you can see clear weather all the way out into the upper northern plains into nebraska and dakotas, crystal clear. that will extend into maryland. so quiet weather pattern, no question. good for the early thanksgiving travelers. 32 tonight, mostly clear.
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tomorrow 53, mostly sunny. conditions will turn milder as we go into the afternoon hours. by tomorrow down to 43, mostly clear. next few days, staying cool with temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll see decent sunshine. we get into the late tuesday team frame. the outlook into early wednesday morning, maybe a few showers. i think most of that will be on the clear side. upper 50s and maybe some breezy weather on thanksgiving day. >> the turkey looks like it's trying to escape. i think he had some cracker jacks. what is it? cracker jack. well, it's not thanksgiving yet, just a couple days. we're trying to get into the holiday spirit.
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>> mike masco is live at the annual tree lighting ceremony and the count down is on, isn't it, mike? >> i think the countdown was on for thanksgiving. weir lea doing the christmas countdown and will light a 30-foot tree. dark right now. jamie costello will be down here to flip the switch, santa claus. thanksgiving coming later next week. it's a beautiful scenic walk. let's give a smile or wave. give a little wave. there you go. we're wading the festivities. we're going to have live music. the shops are gorgeous. it's that real cold feel, so it does feel like we're in the holiday spert. we have the forecast to show you. temperatures are falling into
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the 30s f you are going to come down here and take a look at the festivities, beautiful lights, you want to dress warm for that. it's a beautiful sight down here at the avenue in whitemarsh. guys, back to you. for more family friendly local holiday events and ideas, just head to and check out our featured story section. >> security cameras catch a lot of images, but none more shocking than we're about to show you. >> three cars collide. it's hard to believe anyone survived but they did, thanks to a very courageous grandpa. >> we're looking at newages of how bad hurricane sandy hit.
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a car runs a stop sign and slams into an suv, sending it flying into the air with a woman and child trapped inside. this happened in milwaukee. he was inside watching tv when he said it felt like two tranes coliegd. he and others rushed out to help. that's when this grandfaghtd are of 14 heard the small -- grandfather of 14 heard the small child. >> started working with her. >> paramedics said it is amazing that everyone survived with cut and bruises. here's that new video.
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water pouring inside of subway tunnels caused by hurricane sandy. this was released by the new york, new jersey port authority. services has been suspend nearly three weeks after the storm. that's because the equipment was destroyed and has to be replaced. and why this man didn't wait for warmer weather bay hitchhiking through canada. mark mcintyre stripped down to his draws to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer. his plan is to hitchhike. others are donating to his cause. he is a testicular cancer survivor. guy who likes cold weather. good luck. abc2 news was the first to bring you the details of an atf raid.
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>> we have more details on why the atf was in west baltimore. he started the cameras but didn't talk about his affairs. >> and if you need help for that thanksgiving turkey, there's an app for that. >> i'm already getting hungry, guys. i can smell mom's turkey. we have basically a clear sky. will the rest of the weekend remain dry? the answer
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a crash in kingsville kills one and send twos others to the hospital. the truck crossed the center line and struck the car head-on. >> a teacher and basketball
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coach from broad neck high school is under investigation for what the school calls a student safety matter. erin thorn is an english teacher and coach of the girls basketball team. >> some parents at carroll county schools are upset about hand scanners. though put their hands up to pay for lunch. some parents are concerned about privacy. the district said parents are able to opt their children out of the program. >> all right. let's take a look at that weather. right now we have one weather concern. that's about a one to two foot higher tide coming in in southern maryland. this will include anne arundel county. there were some showers down that way early this morning. right now temperatures the main
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story. 43 in towson. 43 in annapolis. 4345 in east -- 45 in easton. warmer earlier today. we're getting set for a clear night. look to the west. not a lot of new weather in our direction for the moment. so hour hour 30s and -- hour by hour 30s and we'll talk about how things mr -- will develop into sunday. an atf and baltimore city police raid of four homes in west baltimore. >> today we got a new look at some of the clues in the case. brian kuebler continues to develop the story. explain how the core reowe

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